Types of Zucchini | Male Flowers

Costata Romanesco Type of Zucchini

Clearly the best tasting zucchini. Italian, ribbed, medium in size, gray/green with pale green flecks and stripes. Big leafed bush with only ½ the fruits of basic varieties (not overwhelming…) Excellent texture, nutty, delicious…raw or cooked. Its flavor is strongly distinctive from all others in this category. Huge production of male flowers. 52 days

Flying Saucer Patty Pan Type of Zucchini

Unique bi-colored patty-pan. Stunning color-mix of bright yellow & dark green. Another saucer, more highly ribbed than other patty pans… “alien looking”! Dense, nutty and flavorful. Excellent for stir-fries and fried “steaks”. 50 days

Gelbe Englischer Custard Type of Zucchini

Originally from Gatersleben, Germany. How about growing a small irregularly shaped (twisted…) patty-pan that is deep gold in color? Bush type plants are very productive and the fruits can be used at all stages… quite delicious. 55 days

Golden Straight-Neck Type of Zucchini

A new summer squash borne on compact “Bushy” plants of 3-4 feet in diameter. Uniform fruits can grow to 14” and be very tender. Lemon/yellow club-shaped fruits of firm fine-grained thick flesh. Excellent eaten raw in salads with dips OR steamed, fried or baked. Freezes well, too. 35-43 days

Gold Rush Type of Zucchini

Believed to be dev. by breeders at the W. Atlee Burpee Seed Co.(1973) from genetic stock supposedly originating from Dr. Ored Shifriss at Rutgers. Another beautiful golden cylindrical fruited variety. Produces abundantly in open, easy-to-harvest bushy plants. 50 days

Green-Tinted Patty Pan

Very pretty light olive green heirloom developed in 1914. “Bushy” type plants grow to no more than 3-4 ft. in diameter. Pick always when young..3”- 4” in diameter. Use with yellow, dark green or white scallop zucchini as a table display. 50 days