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When Zucchini Take Over The Garden

Zucchini Poetry

It was an an itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny
silver striped green zucchini.
While we slumbered, what went wrong?
Overnight it's two feet long!


The giant, flesh-eating zucchini,
or so my children say,
is on the loose in the garden.
They're not going back today.

What's more, they swear they'll never,
eat it ever again any more.
You never can tell the trouble you're in
when you let it in the door.

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Can I grow Zucchini Indoors?

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We thought it might require a small nursery, since Zucchini grows to exceptional sizes and has high nutritional needs.

Some of our users though(see comments below), claim to have had some success growing Zucchini indoors.

If you plan on moving your Zucchini seedlings outside, I have often found it is easier to just sow your seeds directly - growing indoor Zucchini seedlings tends to be a hassle with no appreciable payoff.

Best to start and grow Zucchini outdoors.

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0 #3 Michael 2011-04-16 03:31
Thanks for that information on growing zucchini indoors. Have you ad any luck growing your Zucchini indoor until maturity? Are they bearing fruit?

Let us know - and if anybody else has had any experience doing this - we would like to know!
0 #2 Donna Gearhart 2010-09-30 00:22
Please let me know if my first post made it thru. I ran out of symbols, so I removed some & hit "Send", but it didn't look like it went thru.
And I REALLY want to share my Indoor Zuchinni experience! So far, they have LOTS of flower buds, and at least 6 of them are females. And no, I do not have a greenhouse, just a homemade EarthBox. It's working beautifully so far! I just watered them & raised the lights. I can't WAIT to see if it actually produces! I see no reason it won't. :)
0 #1 Donna Gearhart 2010-09-30 00:12
Guess WHAT! I ~AM~ growing zuchinni indoors, and I live in North Dakota too. I have it in a homemade EarthBox. Started the plants about a month ago, in 2" pots, then transplanted 4 of them to the EarthBox. I just watered them & raised the lights, and they are LOADED with little flower buds, at least 6 of which are female. When the time comes, I will pollinate them myself with a small soft artist's brush.
I am well aware that zuchinni requires a lot of nutrients, but that's the great thing about EarthBoxes: You add all the fertilizer they will need, along with some Dolomite or garden lime before you even add the water or the plants. And the plastic cover keeps out any weeds or insects (when it's outside), and keeps the potting mix at just the right amount of moistture. All you have to do, is add the plants & keep it watered. And you CAN'T overwater EarthBoxes. I'd post pictures, but I don't know how to do that.

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